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Preparing Paper Glass Cutting Pattern  (pattern printed in black)

Pattern Protection (optional)
    To protect the patterns from wetness and from tearing when removing sticky tape, cover both sides of the sheets with 3M Magic transparent tape or Contac® clear shelf paper before cutting apart.    
    The paper patterns were made with about the width of a pin separating each pattern piece. This leaves room for the copper foil, allows nice narrow seams to be made and still leaves room to hold the parts on the form with pins. Use scissors to cut the patterns apart on the OUTSIDE edge of the printed lines; leave the line  as you cut. Do not cut on the dotted lines.

Check for Fit - Mark Glass Color Grain
    Pin the entire paper pattern on the form and test for fit before any glass is cut. It is easier to trim and adjust the pattern to your way of cutting glass at this point, than to spend time grinding later.

Bridging Pieces - SectionalForm™ Only
    Separate the pieces that are marked with dotted lines. Do not cut on dotted lines. Patterns with dotted lines are used to cut out glass pieces that bridge from one sectional form to the other. They are fitted and soldered in after all the sections are joined together.