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Birthday Parties | Island H2O (1)

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Mega Splash Package

Birthday Parties | Island H2O (3)

Mega Splash Package

Starting at $650

Admission + Meal + Cabana Suite


Birthday Parties | Island H2O (4)


Each birthday party package includes admission for a minimum of 11 guests for the day of your party only.

Birthday Parties | Island H2O (5)


Splashing makes you hungry! When you book a birthday party with us, lunch vouchers are included for each guest.

Birthday Parties | Island H2O (6)


Your birthday party will receive a reserved space for the day of your party!

Birthday Parties | Island H2O (7)


It wouldn’t be a party without presents! When you book your birthday at Island H2O Water Park, the birthday guest receives a free birthday gift from us!

Birthday Parties | Island H2O (8)


Create memories with your friends and family all day long!


  • Who do I email for questions?

    Please email for any questions!

  • How do I purchase a birthday package?

    All birthday packages must be booked through the Island H2O Water Park website a minimum of a
    day in advance & paid in full at that time. These packages do book early & are based on availability to be sure to book
    ahead. All packages must be paid in full at the time of booking.

  • How many people can I bring in with my party?

    You can bring up to 16 guests with the Mega Splash package and 24 guests with the Ultimate Splash
    package. You can add on the additional guests when purchasing your package on the website or at the window on the day of your visit.

  • What if I have more than 24 guests?

    Our birthday parties are for 24 guests or less. If you have more you can either purchase group
    admission for guests and use park seating or if you have over 50 guests please contact to explore picnic options.

  • Do parents count in birthday packages?

    Anyone 3 years and older will count in the birthday package. Everyone entering the park will need
    an admission ticket.

  • Can I bring in balloons or decorations?

    Absolutely no balloons will be permitted into the park. Guests are allowed to decorate the cabanas
    but must bring their own supplies and take down all supplies before leaving the park. No outside
    decorators will be permitted into the park

  • Can I bring in a cake?

    Guests with birthday parties are permitted to bring in their own cakes. Please bring your own plastic
    serving utensils for the cake. There is a fridge in your cabana to keep it cold throughout the day. No other outside food or beverages are allowed with the exception of one (1) sealed bottled water per person (20 oz or less).

  • Do we have to pay for parking?

    Any guests who do not have an applicable season pass will have to pay for parking upon entrance
    to the park.

  • How do I get my tickets?

    Everything will be emailed to you turnstile ready. Once you come into the park with your admission
    tickets, you will check in for your cabana at Guest Services.

  • What if I need to add guests?

    You can add them at the time of purchase or you will have to wait until the day of the event and purchase the additional tickets for $46.50 per person for all day admission & a meal. Anyone 3 years and older will need a ticket.

  • What is included with lunch?

    Each guest will have a meal voucher included with the package. The meal includes one soda and
    the choice of a burger & chips, chicken tenders & chips, personal pizza (pepperoni or cheese) or
    chicken cesar salad.

  • What if I don’t want the lunch?

    All of our birthday packages include admission, a reserved area & a lunch. If you just want admission please purchase group tickets by themselves on the groups page.

    Small Groups (15+) | Island H2O (

  • What tables and chairs are included with a cabana?

    Please refer to our cabana page for a breakdown of what is included with each cabana rental.

  • Do you offer food specials or catering to accommodate larger groups?

    Yes! For more information on our combo meals or having your group event catered please email us

All party members must be present when coming to the park. Parking fees are not included. Bus parking is free for full-size buses with 15 or more passengers not including the bus driver. Large vans or mini buseswill be assessed a parking fee. Buses will be directed by a parking attendant to park in a section of the main lot.
Parking is free for Season Pass holders. Please contact Island H2O Water Park at 407-910-1401 if you have any questions.

Birthday Parties | Island H2O (2024)
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