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P20- 0 Lamp Designing Grid

P20- 0 :: P20- 0 Lamp Designing Grid

Quantity: 1

No. Glass Pieces -
Glass Needed -
Diameter -
Height -
Aperture -
Design Repeats -

Shipping Weight - 1 lbs.
Price: $17.00
No. P20-0 Lamp Designing Grid CARTOON PATTERN PACKET includes MagicStrip (Grid) Patterns, Lamp Designing Key & Instructions - use matching P20 Built-In Crown 1/6 Form sold separately.

P20 Built-In Crown 1/6 SectionalForm™

Design Information
- To create your own lamp design, first cut out and install the blue grid strips per instruction manual.

Lamp Designing and Pattern Making Methods
  1. Pattern Shell: Use 3 mil drafting film to make a pattern shell covering one repeat of the design. Cut strips the width of the grid strips and attach them together with magic tape. Draw the design and trace repeats around the form. cut the pattern shell apart to make paper patterns.
  2. Draw, Mark and Trace: Draw one repeat of your lamp design on the blue grid (cover the printed grid with magic tape for easy erasing). Make one set of paper patterns to cut the glass. Use the horizontal and vertical lines on the grid, mark patterns, and place and trace each pattern piece around the form.
  3. Drafting Film Strips: Use 3 mil drafting film and fashion strips the same width as the blue grid but make them the same length as one repeat of your design. Create your design and make the paper patterns. Trace the pattern repeats by moving the strips one at a time around the form.
  4. Traditional Tiffany style lamps were made in repeated designs. Use the prepared grid and incorporate them into any width, shape, or repeat you desire.
  5. Displaying your Lamp: This shade was designed to be used with a lamp base or as a hanging lamp shade.
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P20 Built-In Crown 1/6 Sectional Lamp Form
Shipping Weight - 5 lbs.
Price: $21.00
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