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CF18-18 Worden Chew'n Cow W Lamp Pattern

CF18-18 :: CF18-18 Worden Chew'n Cow W Lamp Pattern

Quantity: 1

No. Glass Pieces - 668
Glass Needed - 8.7
Diameter - 18
Height - 10
Aperture - 4
Design Repeats - 3

Shipping Weight - 1 lbs.
Price: $27.00
CF18-18 Worden Chew'n Cow W CARTOON LAMP PATTERN PACKET includes MagicStrips, Paper Patterns, Color Key & instructions.

Design Information
- An outstanding Holstein cow portrayed serenely chewing her cud under the morning sun against the county checkerboard background would make an exquisite addition to a kitchen or informal family room.  A light and dark checkerboard background automatically makes 1/2 of the background a light color and 1/2 a dark color. This feature allows glass combinations to match any room decor.  The CF18-18 Chew'n Cow W is an original design by Howard Worden.

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Order CF18 Yes No    Description
CF18 Modified Cone Full Lamp Form
Shipping Weight - 5 lbs.
Price: $46.00
Order CF18-18GP Yes No    Description
CF18-18GP Worden Chew'n Cow W GlasPak Color
Shipping Weight - 19 lbs.
Price: $72.00
Order VHC4 Yes No    Description
VHC4 Vented Heat Cap - 4 inch
Shipping Weight - 1 lbs.
Price: $4.70
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