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CF18-03 Sweetheart Rose Lamp Pattern

CF18-03 :: CF18-03 Sweetheart Rose Lamp Pattern

Quantity: 1

No. Glass Pieces - 312
Glass Needed - 8
Diameter - 18
Height - 14
Aperture - 4
Design Repeats - 6

Shipping Weight - 1 lbs.
Price: $29.00
No. CF18-03 Sweetheart Rose CARTOON LAMP PATTERN PACKET includes MagicStrips, Paper Patterns, Color Key & Instructions.

Related products needed to make this lampshade are sold separately and listed below (ie. form, glass, vase cap, etc.).  To order this pattern and all related products as a kit, select "Add To Cart" at the bottom of this page.  All products are preselected "Yes".  Select "No" on the products you do not wish to order.

Order CF18 Yes No    Description
CF18 Modified Cone Full Lamp Form
Shipping Weight - 5 lbs.
Price: $46.00
Order CF18-03GP Yes No    Description
CF18-03GP Sweetheart Rose GlasPak Color
Shipping Weight - 20 lbs.
Price: $66.00
Order VHC4 Yes No    Description
VHC4 Vented Heat Cap - 4 inch
Shipping Weight - 1 lbs.
Price: $4.70
Order CB4 Yes No    Description
CB4 Brass Band Kit
Shipping Weight - 1 lbs.
Price: $12.00