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GF16-33 Hummingbird W Lamp Pattern

GF16-33 :: GF16-33 Hummingbird W Lamp Pattern

Quantity: 1

No. Glass Pieces - 484
Glass Needed - 6.1
Diameter - 16
Height - 8
Aperture - 4
Design Repeats - 2

Shipping Weight - 1 lbs.
Price: $27.00
No. GF16-33 Hummingbird W CARTOON LAMP PATTERN PACKET includes MagicStrips, Paper Patterns, Color Key, Instructions & Hummingbird filigree to create eye, beak and feet.

Design Information - A total of 14 hummingbirds (7 in each of the 2 repeats) shine against a soft background.
  • Ruby Throats are found each of the Rocky Mountains all the way to the east cost.
  • Black Chinned live west of the Rockies
  • Rufus/Allens are found along the west coast next to the Pacific: Allens in the Southwest; Rufus in the Northwest.
  • Broad Tailed live in the southern Rocky Mountaines
  • Annas, Calliopies and Costas live in the Southwest.
  • Brilliantly colored flowers attract the flying hummingbirds
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GF16 Globe Full Lamp Form
Shipping Weight - 2 lbs.
Price: $42.00
Order GF16-33GP Yes No    Description
GF16-33GP Hummingbird W GlasPak Color
Shipping Weight - 15 lbs.
Price: $51.00
Order VHC4 Yes No    Description
VHC4 Vented Heat Cap - 4 inch
Shipping Weight - 1 lbs.
Price: $4.70
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