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Product Details for - CB5 Brass Band Kit

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Shipping Weight - 1 lbs.

CB5 Brass Band Kit

Price: $13.65

Kit includes 5" Brass Band Ring and matching crown patterns (5" vase cap  and glass sold separately). Use with some C20 and P20 series designs.

Description - A beautiful early 1900 style floral design embossed on 15/16” X .025” pre-polished solid brass band. The band is held together with brass rivets for an authenitic antique hand made look. The band comes assembled to fit standard 5” WordenSystem™ lamp shade aperture openings. Also included are Paper Patterns and a special Glass Crown Assembly Guide and Circle Jig to make and solder the foiled Crown together; it is difficult to solder the crown together without this special Guide and Circle Jig.

P20-1 and P20-10 shown with 5" glass band. Substitute optional CB5 - 5" Brass Band Kit.

P20-1 Stylized Pansy                          P20-10 Stylized Fruit

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