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Product Details for - 340 FullForm & Lamp Fixturing Head

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Shipping Weight - 2 lbs.

340 FullForm & Lamp Fixturing Head

Price: $40.90

No. 340 Form & Lamp Fixturing Head includes fixturing head, threaded 3/8” diameter light fixture threaded rod, 2 lock nuts, and brass check ring. Fits both our standard and round floor stand LampLeveler™ vise.

Designed exclusively for the WordenSystem™ this positioner system provides a sturdy, comfortable, and level working surface for any size Tiffany style lamp, panel lamps, SectionalForms, and 360° lamp forms. Our positioners simplify glass part assembly, foil wrapping, tack soldering, building seams, and lamp designing. Secure the LampLeveler™ vise to a wooden base to allow ease in clamping to a bench or work table.
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