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Product Details for - ROOS6 Rooster Filigree for CF18-20

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Shipping Weight - 1 lbs.

ROOS6 Rooster Filigree for CF18-20

Price: $7.80

Replacement set of Rooster filigree (comb, eye, beak) for CF18-20 Worden Rooster W includes 6 (3 repeats of 2) brass filigree pieces and instructions. 

Description - Copyrighted by the the H. L. Worden Co., the Rooster Filigree was designed as an overlay to add detail to the Worden Rooster Lamp, original design by Howard Worden.  This filigree is etched brass approximately 3 mil thick -  easy to tin, antique and install.

CF18-20 Worden Rooster W             

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