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Product Details for - DFF24 Dragonfly Wing Filigree for SC20-1/C20-10

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Shipping Weight - 1 lbs.

DFF24 Dragonfly Wing Filigree for SC20-1/C20-10

Price: $39.00

Replacement set of dragonfly wing filigree for SC20-1 Dragonfly T and C20-10 Spread-Wing Dragonfly T includes 24 (6 repeats of 4 wings) brass filigree pieces and instructions.

Description - Tiffany Studios used similar filigree on their original lamps.  Our dragonfly wing filigree is etched brass approximately 3 mil thick and is easy to tin, antique and install.  The dragonfly wings in the original lamps made by the Tiffany Studios were constructed of flat streaky opal art glass.  The filigree was soldered on the outside giving a natural three dimensional look to the dragonflies.

SC20-1 Dragonfly T                              C20-10 Spread-Wing Dragonfly T

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