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Product Details for - CF18-27GP Coffee Cup Lamp W GlasPak


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Shipping Weight - 17 lbs.

CF18-27GP Coffee Cup Lamp W GlasPak

Price: $60.00

Royal Blue             Blue Green             Turquois              Lime Green

Olive                       Pink                        Violet                      Red

Red Yellow             Red Green Blue      Yellow                  

No. CF18-27GP Coffee Cup Lamp W GlasPak
includes antique style opalescent glass. GlasPak may include combinations of Kokomo, Wissmach, Armstrong, Spectrum, Uroboros, Bullseye, Youghiogheny or similar type glass. Includes extra glass to allow for some breakage and color picking. The price reflects the amount, type and cost of glass used.  Glass is selected in colors similar to the illustration shown above depending upon available glass and blending requirements.  Alternative background colors may be selected. You may custom order color choices not listed.

We select antique style glass similar to glass used by "turn of the century" lamp makers.  Opalescent glass is used to mask the light source, bits of cathedral and other types of glass give sparkle and special effects.  We carefully color match the glass for each lamp on a light table.  Variation in the glass, availability of colors and textures, and hand picking create outstanding glass packages that are different each time.

Color Choice: Blue, Royal Blue, Blue Green, Turquoise, Lime, Olive, Pink, Violet, Red, Red Yellow, Red Green Blue, Yellow
*Custom Order (call for quote): Display Lamp Color Choice (GlasPak only)

CF18-27 Finished Lamp on Display*
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