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Product Details for - 710 Glass Headed Pins

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Shipping Weight - 1 lbs.

710 Glass Headed Pins

Price: $2.15

710 - Glass Headed Pins - 40 pins per card - Glass Headed Pins are used to hold glass pieces on the form.

Pins are necessary in the WordenSystem™ of lamp construction; this round glass headed type is the best we have found. They will not melt if touched by the hot solder or tip. They are placed between the seams to hold the growing glass sections in place and placed under small pieces to hold them up above the form surface even with larger pieces.

Hold the glass pieces securely to the form with pins. This is a foolproof and inexpensive part of the WordenSystem™ allowing for the clean and easy removal of your lamp shade after tack soldering. Be sure you have an ample supply of pins - use glass headed, or plain common pins with a piece of rubber band KNOTTED tightly around the shank

When working with long pieces of glass take advantage of the pincushion effect of the styrofoam forms. Use small flat headed common pins like stilts under the glass parts to be raised off the form. The pins support the glass part away from the form and provide stability until tack soldering is completed.

Flux will rust steel pins . Rinse and dry steel pins after each use and they will last for years.
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