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Product Details for - G13 Globe 1/3 Sectional Lamp Form

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Shipping Weight - 2 lbs.

G13 Globe 1/3 Sectional Lamp Form

Price: $21.00

G13  Globe 1/3 Sectional Lamp Form
13” Dia. X 4” to 9” Ht.
Uses matching G13 series lamp patterns

Includes: 1 G13 Globe 1/3 Sectional Lamp Form (matching G13 series lamp patterns sold separately).

Recommended - One or two Sectional Lamp Forms can be used for all Sectional Lamp Form repeated design construction.  The use of two forms allows easier matching of the bridging parts between pattern repeats.  We also offer Full Lamp Forms (SectionalForms™ glued together).

Description - WordenSystem™ lamp forms are molded of expanded Styrofoam plastic granules. This material is not heat proof but it is heat resistant. The WordenSystem™ Sectional Lamp Forms have been used successfully for over 35 years.  For best results:
  1. As an alternative for Side Boards rub a straight edge along the sides of the form to check for overhang.
  2. Use small molton solder tacks to hold the foil wrapped parts together.
  3. Flatten the small tacks out and tin the outside.
  4. Remove the Glass Lamp Section - Do not build seams outside or inside.
  5. Before attaching the Lamp Glass Sections together, place them back on the form, firmly press each to reshape if necessary, then attach them together for a perfect fit.
Pin Cushion - The durable lamp forms are economical, resuseable, easy to use.  Worden Lamp Forms provide a pin cushion to attach glass pieces.  The pin cushion feature of our lamp forms allows the use of round glass headed pins to securely fasten the cut glass parts to the lamp forms until they are foiled, tack soldered together, tinned and removed.

Cartoon Placement - Each WordenSystem™ lamp form has raised molded reference lines and numbered areas embossed on the working surface indicating where to attach the printed cartoon pattern strips (MagicStrip™ glass placement guide). This creates the lamp pattern for the design on the form.

Reusable Lamp Forms - Each Worden lamp form is reusable and, by attaching different MagicStrip Cartoon Patterns, can be used to make other lamp designs available in same shape.  We offer a variety of lamp patterns and a self design lamp pattern for each of our lamp form shapes.  Select from more than 250 outstanding antique lamp designs available on 21 different lamp form shapes and sizes.

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