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LampLeveler™ Positioning Tools

    Designed exclusively for the WordenSystem™, this positioner system provides a sturdy, comfortable, and level working surface for any size Tiffany style lamp or panel lamps. This easy to use system will tilt, turn, and rotate SectionalForms™, FullForms™ and partially completed lamp shades. The universal positioner, that with one quick turn of the control knob, allows you to securely position your mold or lamp shade where you want it. It can be used in all steps of lamp shade assembly and lamp designing. Our positioners simplify glass part assembly, foil wrapping, tack soldering, building seams, and lamp designing. Secure the LampLeveler™ vise to a wooden base to allow ease in clamping to a bench or work table or use the Floor Stand Model.

No. 330 Full Form &  Lamp Positioner  w/340

No. 350 Floor Stand LampLeveler™