Antique Style Lamp Patterns, Lamp Forms, Stained glass cutting and Lamp construction information
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Introduction & Brief History about Stained Glass use in lamp Shades  

Safety Rules

WordenSystem™ Forms   

Installing MagicStrips™   

Cutting & Installing FlatCartoon™   

Preparing Paper Pattern   

Selecting and Purchasing Glass   

First Time Glass Cutting   

Glass Cutters, Breaking and Grossing Pliers, & Glass Cutting  

Glass Grinders and Routers

Pinning Parts to the Form  

First Time Copper Foiling Stained Glass Parts   

Soldering Irons & Tack Soldering Foiled Pieces Together  & Tinning Outside Seams   

Reinforcing Top Aperture and Bottom Border   

Building Solder Seams   

Installing Spun Brass Cap or Brass Heat Caps  

Glass Band and Crown

Cleaning and Antiquing   

Displaying on Lamp Base  & Hanging Hardware for Tiffany Style Lamps   

Pool Table Lamp

Brass Filigree

Rounded Fruit


Form & Lamp Positioners   

Lamp Designing