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Glass Jewels and Tiles

    In many of the antique lamps, smooth round glass jewels were used to represent clusters of grapes and accent points. Ruby red was the color used most often in the old lamps.
    When installing jewels, rough the edge with a grindstone so the copper foil will adhere better. Only a very narrow strip of foil is needed. Copper foil is easily trimmed with scissors.
    The jewels will show up better if they are positioned slightly above the surface of the form. Place pins under them so the rounded part of the jewel is held above the flat stained glass.

B24-7 Dragonfly T
Jewels accent the background and create the dragonfly eyes.
    Hand pressed jewels, turtleback tiles and scarabs  have a lip around the base of the jewel that makes foiling easier - just foil the prepared lip.
    Score as close as possible to the jewel, scarab, or turtleback tile; use multiple scores. Use grossing pliers to break and nibble off the excess glass, then use a grinder to smooth the lip to about 1/32" wide and wrap with copper foil.

Hand Pressed Jewel