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Glass Band and Crown

    The term glass band describes a narrow band of glass attached on top around the aperture opening. The crown is placed on the top of the band. Most antique lamps have metal bands.

Crown assembly attached to lamp
We have illustrated the use of a glass band for added appearance and the ease of construction: light shining up from below illuminates the glass band with glowing transmitted light. A bright glass color matching other glass colors in the lamp is generally used.

Installing a Glass Band and Crown
    Some of the pattern packets have prepared patterns for a crown. They can be placed on a glass band or metal band. Cut and foil wrap the proper number of identical crown pieces.

Arrange them in a semicircle and place pieces of tape inside to temporarily hold them together. Test for fit.

Tack solder each at the top and bottom. Remove the tape and fill in and build seams.
    In the RC22 series the glass band is made of two layers of glass rectangles, one half being the top half of the dome, the other half the bottom of the crown. The curved crown is made up on the form using the top three or four cartoon spaces attached together, inverted and soldered on the top aperture opening.

    The P20 series band and crown can be made two ways – made at the same time as the bottom or made separately and attached after the bottom is completed.

    Install the vase cap after the crown and band are completed. The vase cap is soldered in place at the top of the band, just below the crown.
    Trim the vase cap with tin snips if necessary, so it will fit inside the leaded joining, just above the band. Fill and solder it in place securely inside and outside. Reinforce the top of the crown the same as the bottom of the lamp.
    After soldering is all completed, thoroughly scrub with a soft brush; rinse well. If antiquing is desired, do it immediately after the final scrub; rinse off the excess, pat dry with a soft cloth.

Crown with Glass Band
    Included in some packets is the pattern for an optional 1” wide leaded glass band and crown. You can substitute our 1” (2.5 cm) wide decorative BRASS band instead of the glass band. The vase cap is placed at the top of the glass band so it will glow when lit; however, if you use the brass band, the vase cap is placed in the aperture of the lamp shade near the bottom of the brass band for added strength.

Brass Band and Crown Kit
    Brass band kit is available in 4”, 4.5” 5”, and 6” sizes. Kit includes brass band, pattern, layout guide, and instructions.