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Installing Spun Brass Cap or Cast Brass Heat Cap

    The copper wire soldered inside the aperture provides a strong base to attach a cap. This is an inexpensive, simple basic way to prepare the lamp for use as a floor, table or hanging lamp.
    Level aperture opening by using a coarse file to remove high areas of solder. Cover the entire outside surface of the cap (tin) with a thin coat of solder.

Tin spun brass vase cap or cast brass heat cap

Center the vase cap over the top rim and temporarily hold with two small tacks of solder, one on each side. Step back and check to see if it is level. If level, fill in all gaps and build WELL ROUNDED seams around the vase cap INSIDE and OUTSIDE. Keep in mind that the leading around the bottom of the vase cap holds all the weight of the lamp. These seams should be rounded up for extra strength on the inside and outside.

Build well rounded seams around cap - inside and outside

Cast Brass Heat Caps

    Our one piece cast brass heat caps can give your lamp that turn of the century Tiffany look at a reasonable cost. Deburred and smoothed ready to use. Install same as spun brass canopy vase caps.

No. HC3 - 3" Heat Cap
No. HC4 - 4" Heat Cap

No. HC5 - 5" Heat Cap

Installing Vase Caps and Cast Brass Heat Caps on FullForms™

    During FullForm™ lamp construction the cap can be installed on the form.  Wrap a 3/8” thread rod with tape until it fits snugly in the hole in the form.

Secure cap to top of form to ensure it will be level
    To ensure the cap will be level: If using a positioner; place a tinned cap at the top of the form; secure with a lock nut.
    If not using positioner: place a 4” threaded rod through the hole in the form; place vase cap at top of the form; put a second vase cap, check ring or washer inside the form; secure with locks nuts at both ends of the rod. If necessary, trim the top of the form to fit the cap in place.
    Grind and fit the glass pieces to fit the tinned cap. Check the first piece to be sure it fits properly before cutting all of the pieces. Glass pieces should butt up against the bottom edge of the cap. The tinned cap can be tack soldered to the foil wrapped glass parts and then removed from the form. Do not attache C16 and CF18 caps until the lamp has been removed from the form and reattached.