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Reinforcing Top Aperture and Bottom Border

Supplies Needed
    Copper wire (No. 10, 12 or 14 gauge or braided wire), solder, flux, heavy leather gloves, soldering iron.

    All lamp shades except those with crowns, should have a reinforcing wire inside the top aperture opening where the vase cap will be soldered.

Bend a circle of copper wire (10 or 12 gauge) or flexible braided copper wire and place it inside the top rim level with the outside of the glass. Use a generous amount of flux; tack in the middle of the wire circle and work out toward each end, leveling as you go.  Fill in all spaces and completely cover with solder.
    After the reinforcing wire has been securely tack soldered in place, the lamp is strong enough to be propped, turned and handled.

Reinforcing Bottom
    Procedure - We recommend using the same copper wire covered with solder or braided copper wire around the bottom border for appearance as well as reinforcement.
    Carefully lift and turn the lamp over to rest on the top aperture opening. The lamp can now be easily rotated while the copper wire is tack soldered in place along the bottom.

Braided Copper Wire

    You can also used braided wire to strengthen lamp shade apertures and bottom borders. Braided wire may be used to give added vertical support where needed as in pool table lamps.