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Selecting and Purchasing Glass

Color Key
    Included in each MagicStrip™ Pattern Packet is a color key which lists the suggested color, type, and amount of glass needed (Glass Manufactures Guide), color and glass selection is similar to the original antique lamps. The Glass Manufactures Guide is a getting started guide.

Opalescent Stained Glass
    There are hundreds of colors, combinations of colors, color densities, and textures from which to choose. Most of the glass used in lamp shade construction is opalescent. This opaque glass masks out the light source and glows from any angle viewed. It also shows color when not lighted. Select rough or smooth backed opals in single or multiple colors. Select lighter density opals and cathedrals for highlights. Substitute other colors if desired.
    Do not hesitate to mix glass from different manufacturers to achieve the effect you want for example:  use a light colored smooth machine rolled opal for background; mix textured, mottled glass to give the illusion of depth for leaves and flowers; use rippled cathedral for borders and highlights; select rough textured cathedral glass for tree limbs, stems and flower centers.

How Stained Glass is Sold
    Stained glass is manufactured in color mix batches, rolled out, annealed, cut into rectangle sheets and placed in large wooden cases that weigh hundreds of pounds. Stained glass wholesalers purchase the glass in case lots. The cases are broken down to fill the needs of the thousands of large and small retail dealers, studios and craft stores.

How to Purchase Lamp Shade Stained Glass
    Try to purchase your glass and supplies from a stained glass dealer. Most reliable dealers have sample swatches supplied by the glass manufacturers. They can answer any questions you might have. Retailers have lighted tables so you can arrange the beautiful colors as they would appear when lighted. If a dealer doesn’t have your glass selection in stock, they can easily get it for you from their wholesale supplier.
    Visit glass manufacturers websites to view samples to help you make your glass selections.

Other Types of Opalescent Glass
    Hand rolled mottled and full ring mottled opalescent glass have areas of other colors or intensities appearing in small irregular rings like islands of lighter color in a sea of darker or more intense color. The color variations create the illusion of depth and add character to a lamp shade allowing the picking of colors for a dramatic effect. Full ring mottled opalescent glass available today is similar to the glass used in the original antique Tiffany lamps.
    NOTE:  Art glass with two or more colors is also referred to as opal by the trade.

Cathedral Glass
    Very translucent - light source can be seen through it.  Can be used as  highlights in flower designs, borders, etc.  A lamp made from rough backed cathedral and hung near a window will show its colors like a stained glass window.  If a cluster of clear light bulbs are used, it will burst into diamond-like colorful glitter when lighted.

Rippled Glass
    Borders and backgrounds made from rippled glass require the glass to be cut from the backside with paper pattern reversed.