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Installing MagicStrips™

Drawing & Erasing
    If you want to draw and erase on the strips; cover with 1” wide Magic Transparent Tape before cutting apart.   It will make drawing and erasing easier and waterproof the strips.

Cutting Apart
    Flatten the sheet fold,  by burnishing  with a flat tool.  Cut the MagicStrips™ apart on the INSIDE EDGE of each strip.  In other words cut the small dotted  line - - - - or the SOLID BLUE AREA completely away.   

Cut dotted line or the solid blue area completely away

    Attach the  MagicStrips™ glass placement guide strips (cartoon) to the curved form. Hold along the center of the strips. The MagicStrips™ are flat, they cannot fit tight to the curved mold, they will buckle.  Hold strips to the form with:
    1) Common pins - Don’t place them through printed solder lines, Solder will stick to them
    2) Sticky Tape - use narrow pieces near the center of the strips. Preferred method.
    Starting at bottom of FullForms™ install matching letter/number on strip with letter/number on form.

    SectionalForms™ - line the center arrow with the center raised molded line. Trim off any overhang. Line up pattern lines from strip to strip.
    If you have difficulty seeing the molded lines and numbers outline them with a narrow felt tipped marking pen.

Attach Sideboards (SectionalForms™)    
    The side boards in your kit will assure the correct width of the glass sections. Each glass section must be made the same width as the form. If glass sections are allowed to grow just a small amount, the completed glass sections will not fit properly together. Leave about 3/8" of the sideboard extending above the form. Hold with straight pins placed on a slant or glue on permanently. Be sure to use a glue that will not melt the form. Elmers white glue works well.

Pin or Glue

No Sideboard Option (preferred) – To assure that there are no overhanging parts, hold a straight edge securely against both the sides of the sectional form and move it along the form. The edge of a small 6” metal ruler or any straight edged tool works well.