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WordenSystem™ Lamp Forms

The Perfect Lamp Form

    WordenSystem™ lamp forms are molded of expanded Styrofoam plastic granules. This material is not heat proof but it is heat resistant. You can tack solder and tin the foil wrapped parts securely together on the form, the lamp is then removed and soldering completed off the form. Molded styrofoam lamp forms provide a near perfect method for assembling and designing Tiffany style lamps.
Economical to buy
    The forms are mass produced in molds and are marketed at a reasonable price.
Easy to Use
    The forms have molded numbered areas embossed on the working surface indicating where printed cartoon strips (MagicStrips™) glass placement guides are attached.
Do Not Flex
    The inject molded forms are over 1” thick. They do not flex during use. Styrofoam is stable, light and will last for years. It is the same durable, non-toxic material that is used by the building trade for insulation.
Pin Parts to Form
    The pin cushion feature of the forms allows the use of round headed glass pins to securely fasten the cut glass parts to the form until they are foiled and tack soldered together, tinned and removed, then the lamp is completed off the form.
    We offer several different lamp patterns and a special lamp designing grid pattern for each of our form shapes.
Design Selection
    Select from over 250 outstanding turn of the century lamp designs that are built on 21 different form shapes and sizes.