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H. L. Worden Co.
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Lamp Designs
Use the special "Lamp Designs" guide to select lamp patterns and related products for each design. Get the right form, glass, vase cap and accessories to make your lamp.

Closing – The H. L. Worden Company is closing.  Orders will no longer be accepted on our website  For remaining product availability, contact your local stained glass store or internet supplier.

Why Close?  Howard Worden passed away in the spring of 2015.  The patented WordenSystem™ of stained glass lampshade construction was his inspiration.  He designed the lamp patterns, molds and other products. 

Thank you!  Kathryn Worden and the staff say, “Thank you, for more than 42 years of patronage from our loyal customers.”  We appreciate the many pictures and comments from satisfied customers who have built our lamps.  We also appreciate the many long-term relationships with our distributors.


David & Nancy

H. L. Worden Co.

PO Box 519

Granger, WA 98932

(509) 854-1557